makeup brush and eyeshadow palette organising kit

Glass Makeup Organising Storage Kit

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We had an overwhelming response with our luxury cosmetics storage units since our campaign with @sakina.aleem. She used our storage units to organise all her most loved makeup products and she LOVED the outcome. Since the campaign, 100s reached out requesting to make our storage units available in a bundle deal and here is what we exactly got for you. Two of our top sellers in the collection now available to purchase together at a discounted price. They are in fact the first ever UK based cosmetic storage units that encourage clean beauty and sustainability. Designed with a lid effortlessly keeping your most loved products dust and germ free boosting the overall life span of your products. Curated with tampered glass and gold detailing with large storage capacity. It instantly will add a touch of elegance to your decor in your bedroom, desk or vanity space. 

What is included in the bundle? 

This bundle consists of two of our top sellers of the collection; the ‘Cosmetic Beauty Storage’ and ‘Lipstick Organiser with Lid’ 

Measurements follow below;

Multi-use Beauty Storage: 23x9x14cm (acrylic dividers included storing 24 product slots)

Luxury Lipstick Organiser:  23x13.5x15.5cm (acrylic dividers included storing 40 product slots) 

FYI: Shipping rates for this item starts from £10 with Royal Mail as rates are calculated based on weight and this is a heavier product than your usual apparel or cosmetics. You only pay a fraction of it and we cover the rest!