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Reusable, washable and ethically manufactured triple layer face masks bought to you by HEATLNDN

All Face Masks in this pack are superb in filtering particles; 99.9% before washing and 95% after 5 washes meanwhile being very light and easy to breathe in. Ethically manufactured by New Planet Fashion following government guidelines for suitable PPE.

How it's made

Our face masks are triple layers of pure goodness! The first layer being high grade quality cotton followed by a middle layer of a special satin material known to have 'electrostatic quality'. In theory the electrostatic quality of satin catches all the dust, droplets and germs preventing the wearer from inhaling it. Finally a third layer of a gorgeous print in a high grade cotton material stiched to perfection significantly reducing the risks of transmission.

Why HEATLNDN Face Masks

-Foam nose bridge and collapsable design

-Can be worn for hours without causing irritation to the wearer

-Never seen before prints in good durable cotton material

Pack of four contains Styles;

"Maldives x2 - Face Mask”

"Monarch x2 - Face Mask”

** Ethically made in the UK and is highly sustainable **

Guide of Face Mask usage

-Wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based gel before handling the mask.

-To position the mask, hold the barrier mask from the outside and pass the elastic bands on either side of the ears without crossing them.

-Check that the mask covers the nose and chin.

-Once adjusted, do not touch the barrier mask with your hands

How to take off the Mask

- Grasp the elastics from the back, without touching the front part of the barrier mask.

- In order not to be contaminated when removing the mask, it must be properly isolated, either to be washed in a specific container, or to be discarded after several uses. It is then recommended to wash your hands (water and soap or hydro-alcoholic gel).

How to Wash Face Mask

By Hand; Rinse it thoroughly. Allow the water to run through the satin fabric with warm/hot water until it runs clear and free of any studs

Washing Machine Instructions:

"Delicate Cycle" option