How to Dress Better - Guide for Women

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A super easy styling tip to follow, that you probably didn’t know, but it is actually very commonly used. When picking out an outfit, always stick to the 3 color rule. This means whatever outfit you put together, ensure you use a maximum of three colors. It does not matter if the colors have different shades, as long as you don’t use more than three colors.

Here you can see the three color rule in effect;

Roxana is rocking the three color rule perfectly here. She is wearing a black tracksuit with a plain white t-shirt and paired the outfit with pink trainers. The pink trainers add a pop or color making a basic casual outfit fun! (: 

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Another example;

Daisy here is wearing the colors; white, navy and black. She has got a basic white outfit - a white shirt, white shorts and white boots which she paired it with a navy blue blazer with silver buttons. The navy with silver buttons compliment the white beautifully! Wrapping up the look, she has a Dior handbag in white with black stitching which ties in the outfit perfectly.

Here is an example of one color but different shades – which works well too, as long as it is not more than three colors within the whole outfit;

Would love to know if you agree with this 'How to dress better' guide or please share your suggestion on what you think how to dress better (:

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